Girls Rock in Science & Math



Mayukha Vadari, CEO.JPG

Mayukha Vadari- CEO

Mayukha is a freshman at MIT. Mayukha has been into math since the fourth grade, when she joined her school's math club. She got off to a good start, winning 8th place at the Math is Cool state competition only a few months after she started. For the next few years, she continued to take part in math competitions, including in national competitions like ARML and NSF Nationals. She has won several awards at the regional, state, and national levels. Then, in 8th grade, Mayukha enrolled in Seattle Science Infinity Club.  At first, she did not like science very much, but soon began to love it. She and her team excelled, getting second place in Science Bowl at the regional level, only losing once to the first place team, who also happened to be from the Seattle Science Infinity Club. She also went to Nationals for the North South Foundation's Science and Math Bees and won awards there as well. By this time, she realized a trend that girls were losing interest in math and science.  She noticed this trend through direct experience with her classmates and friends, as well as observing at competitions (e.g. she was the only girl in the top ten at the 2012 NSF MathBee Nationals). In order to combat this drop in interest, she decided to form Girls Rock inScience and Math to increase interest for girls in these two subjects and make them enthusiastic participants in all areas of both academia and extracurricular.


Rishma Murugan- PResident

Rishma Murugan is a junior at Redmond High School and the current President of GRISM. She has loved science and math since she was very young and this inspired her to teach at GRISM. During her freshman year at high school, Rishma took AP Computer Science and she realized how much she loves computer science and began programming video games. She also developed features for a commercial mobile app on Android. In the future, she would like to expand GRISM to include computer science and incorporate fun programming exercises into the program's curriculum. She would also like to continue working with the Microsoft STEM Outreach team to spread GRISM’s influence across Washington (and eventually across the nation!) Outside of school and GRISM, Rishma loves to play film themes on the piano and to play badminton.

Harshu Musunuri-Curriculum director

Harshu Musunuri is a junior at Henry M. Jackson High School and the Curriculum Director of GRISM. Her interests in STEM were catalyzed from a young age by her participation in math and science competitions, as well as a desire to learn more about the world around her. Over the past couple years, she has had the wonderful opportunity to take her passion for science a step further by conducting research on energy conversion technologies and synthetic biology, and presenting on international platforms. Harshu joined GRISM because she believes strongly in its mission to spark an appreciation for STEM among the next generation of female innovators, and she strives to craft GRISM lessons in a way that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of these fields.




Grace Kim, GRASS Director.jpg

GRace Kim-GRASS Director

Grace Kim is a sophomore at Redmond High School. She is the GRASS Director. She has been doing and enjoying math starting in fifth grade and have performed well at several math competitions since. She loves physics and coding, and outside of STEM, she loves to draw and sing. When she first heard about GRISM and then GRASS, she became immediately interested in becoming a part of it. Middle school was the time when a majority of her girl friends formed their definite dislike of STEM, which stayed consistent into high school. Through GRASS, she hopes to make STEM more interesting, fun, and useful for the girls, regardless of their attitude when they walk in.

IRIKA SINHA - GEMS Logistics Director

Irika is a senior at Redmond High School, and the GEMS Logistics Director for 2016-2017. The way the human eye perceives color, the astonishing speed of a dandelion sprouting from the ground, the incessant, yet enduring, motion of tides — all these and more fascinated her as a child and, over time, this curiosity transformed into a deeply rooted interest in the mechanisms that allow the Earth to flourish. Similarly, the beautiful, puzzle-like nature of math problems captivated her and it became one of the subjects she found most enjoyable. As a part of GRISM she hopes to share her love of the subjects with younger girls and introduce them to the joys and excitement of each topic.




Julci Areza - Director of Public Relations

Julci Areza is a senior at Redmond High School, a GRISM instructor, and the Director of PR. She has been involved with GRISM since 10th grade, thoroughly enjoying the acts of teaching children and sharing with girls the excitement she finds in math and science. Every week, she teaches at her local Kumon Learning Center and tutors in her spare time. In school, she is the President of the UNICEF Chapter and Vice President of the Green Team. She also participates in Science Olympiad, this year placing 3rd in Write It, Do It and Disease Detectives in the regional competition. Outside of school, she dabbles in portrait photography and uses her hobby to analyze the human condition. This fall, she will be heading to the University of Pennsylvania College of Arts & Sciences with the intention of majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior. She is hoping to pursue a career in pediatrics or neurosurgery.





Khushi Chaudhari is a junior at Redmond High School. She is currently a GRISM instructor and part of the GEMS team. She has loved math and science since a very young age and has actively taken part in various math and science competitions since elementary school. She has taken various AP courses in the stem field, and was also a part of her school’s Math Honor Society. Khushi felt immense delight upon hearing about the Girls Rock in Science and Math program as it helps instill the same love she has for math and science, in the girls who are starting their journey in the STEM world. She hopes to share her passion for the subject by teaching girls at GRISM. Apart from math and science, Khushi loves to do karate and debate as she participates in various debate tournaments and Model United Nations Conferences.

Anushka Ladha-Attendance manager

Anushka Ladha is a junior at Redmond High School and a GRISM Instructor. She enjoys studying the fields of biology and chemistry and taking fun lab classes like Anatomy & Physiology and Forensic Science. During her sophomore year, Anushka was concerned with the lack of STEM topics represented in her school newspaper, The Blaze. This prompted her to establish the Science & Technology section of the paper. Other than school and GRISM, Anushka likes photography and kickboxing.


YUNA SHIN - Public Relations TEam

Yuna Shin is a junior at Henry M. Jackson High School and a GRISM instructor. She is particularly interested in biology but has a growing interest for astronomy and physics. She plans to pursue a career in physics or medical field. Through teaching at GRISM, she hopes to use her strong enthusiasm for science, and advocacy for women in STEM, to empower girls in math and science. Outside of school, Yuna enjoys walking her dog and reading.


Tara Krishnan - Instructor

Tara Krishnan is a freshman at Skyline High School and is an instructor at GRISM. Tara really enjoys working with younger children and teaching them about subjects that interest her, such as math, biology and anatomy. In the future, Tara wants to become a teacher and mentor for kids. She hopes to make younger children as excited to learn as she is to teach. Tara also pursues art and dance as hobbies.